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Premium Design Card

Premium Design Card

Elevate your greeting with our Custom Greeting Cards, perfectly tailored to reflect the unique tastes and memories of your friends and loved ones. Imagine a card that showcases cherished places or treasured objects that hold special meaning—the ultimate personal touch that surprises and delights.

Premium design style fits most of our customers needs. The design can be based on images or photos provided and will cover enough level of details, colors and mixed media materials to emaze your friends and family memebers with a stunny piece of art.


You can choose from a verity of options for frame, mats and glass which completes your order. 

1. All Custome Greeting Cards are coming framed

3. Regular or Custom Style

4. Acrilic or Museum Glass


To submit your image please use the form provided at the Custom Greeting Cards page. 


Time to fullfill the order depends on design complexity which in its trurn depends on number of factors like design development itself, number of individual elemets in the collage to precut and put togather, some types of 3D mixed medias may require more work to execute the order. For a very complex designs please let us 7 to 10 days to comlete the order.


Note that some designs may take more time and efforts from the artists to develop the design you want. For this occasions we have created a "Masterpiece" options which allows You to interact with the artists and leterally participate in design dicisions and utilize even more complex art collages for your Masterpiece Greeting Card. 



  • Size and Media

    Size with frame 16" x 12 1/2 " (H x W)

    Cardboard, 3D media

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