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Bamboo Jungle

Bamboo Jungle

Another time I embarked on a journey to explore the lush landscapes of Southern California and this adventure led me again to Descanso. The calm and diverse plant life of this garden left an unforgettable mark on my artistic soul, inspiring me to create a series of artworks: "Nasturtium," "Magnolia", "Bamboo Jungle", "Leucadendron", "Spiky Dandelion" and "Callistemon."
Descanso Gardens' Ancient Forests felt like a magical oasis within this peaceful place. "Bamboo Jungle" is my attempt to capture the enchantment of this tranquil area, where tall, slender plants gently sway in the breeze, creating a feeling of peace and solitude.
Including "Leucadendron" in my series was a natural step. Descanso Gardens introduced me to the fascinating world of these unique flowers, with their intricate, colorful blooms that seem to paint the garden with their special charm.

  • Size and Media

    18" x 24" (H x W)

    Size with Frame 25"x31" (H x W)

    Gouache on paper

    Framed with museum glass

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