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Basic 3D Design Card

Basic 3D Design Card

Elevate your greeting with our Custom Greeting Cards, perfectly tailored to reflect the unique tastes and memories of your friends and loved ones. Imagine a card that showcases cherished places or treasured objects that hold special meaning—the ultimate personal touch that surprises and delights.


The "Basic" design is limited in complexity but still offers stunning results. You can explore some ideas and view samples of greeting cards with standard designs. This type of design is crafted with a limited number of elements, using precut leather and other 3D media. Despite its simplicity, it effectively introduces your custom style and design ideas.

You also have the flexibility to pick and choose from several options to fine-tune the greeting card arrangement.


Choose from a variety of options to frame your custom design:

  • Standard or Custom Style Mats
  • Acrylic (default) or Museum Glass


Design complexity depends on the number of individual elements to precut and assemble into the final artwork. For very complex designs, please allow 5 to 7 days to complete the order.

  • Size and Media

    Size with frame 16" x 12 1/2 " (H x W)

    Cardboard, 3D media

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